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loose cz-cubic zirconia jewellery'wedding engagement band

Author : wuzgems Date : 2012-1-26 20:12:34

Our cubic zirconia band are comprised of small cubic zirconia jewellery, or other precious stones, that wrap all the way around the circumference of the diamond cz rings. Typically, either a pave setting, prong setting or channel setting can be used. Traditionally, cz cubic zirconia  bands were given on a wedding anniversary as an upgrade from the original basic wedding band. However, many brides choose to wear a cz eternity ring from the very beginning. Not a bride? No worries! Eternity bands are becoming more and more popular today for every day wear. Whether you're looking for simple stackable cz rings, birthstone cz stackable bands or diamond cz rings, Fantasy Jewelry Box offers an array of dazzling selections to suit your style. 

A lot of people to get married when they use them as main act the role of article, but as technology developed and we different levels of demand, now more and more people choose to use cubic zirconia as the wedding a auxiliary, even to the one of main act the role of article materials, because it is very similar to the brightness of the diamond, diamond cutting, very close to the hardness of diamonds, but the most notable is that they are very low price, so now cubic zirconia wedding has become a necessary choice to us, choose cubic zirconia jewellery/loose cz of course want to find the real cubic zirconia suppliers-WUZGEMS FACTORY.

Before planning to buy cubic zirconia engagement ring, one most consider the following important reasons:

They have no Defects.

Ensure that cubic zirconia stone does not have any of the natural inclusions which a diamond will have. Diamonds invariably have deposits of carbon in them which are visible and seen by the naked eye. This is not the case with loose cz. The process for manufacturing cubic zirconia is very stringent, and generates a perfect stone all the time. This way the jeweler is able to distinguish and ascertain that it's not a diamond - cubic zirconia stone is devoid of any inclusions.

Cubic zirconia stones are very strong and sturdy.

The hardness of the cubic zirconia stone as per Mohs scale rates are just over an 8, which is considered very hard. Diamonds rate are 9-10 on the scale, so you can observe that cubic zirconia stone are equally stronger. There is no danger whatsoever of the cubic zirconia stone getting damaged while playing or working. You really do not have to be overly worried about it getting damaged while performing normal activities. However it can get damaged if exposed to chemicals like chlorine or salt quite often.
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